Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Kinay's 1st.............

I know it's too late to recap this and that here, as I've lost almost 18months recap-ing her activities. But instead of keep regretting of missing those moments, let me try to recall all of her first with the help of photos from facebook, path, and digging photos from my smart phone :D

So, here they are....

The Akikah - 17 February 2013
It was a thankful ceremony in our religion. Also combining with our culture, there was a cutting hair ritual. Some elders says we have to cut the whole hair, but we chose not to, as her hair was very thick (now it is not anymore!!)

It was a lovely event, we have more than 100 guests, good food, lots of gift (me likeyyy), and hopefully lots of pray received for Kinara from all of people who came.

The goodies consist of : mug and angry bird pillow.