Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Kinay's 1st.............

I know it's too late to recap this and that here, as I've lost almost 18months recap-ing her activities. But instead of keep regretting of missing those moments, let me try to recall all of her first with the help of photos from facebook, path, and digging photos from my smart phone :D

So, here they are....

The Akikah - 17 February 2013
It was a thankful ceremony in our religion. Also combining with our culture, there was a cutting hair ritual. Some elders says we have to cut the whole hair, but we chose not to, as her hair was very thick (now it is not anymore!!)

It was a lovely event, we have more than 100 guests, good food, lots of gift (me likeyyy), and hopefully lots of pray received for Kinara from all of people who came.

The goodies consist of : mug and angry bird pillow.

1st Hair Cut @ Kiddycuts PIM
It was on the 1st week of March. The 1st time she went to the Mama's 2nd home! And it was only for one hour as it was already past 4pm so we didnt want to stay long there.
She was still sleeping when we reached Kiddycuts, then in the middle of hair cutting she's awake. But she was very calm during the process. After took a shower, we stopped by the nursery room, breastfeeding, then we went home.

(Later I found out, that -her calm attitude during hair cut- didn't last too long. During 5th to14th months I guess,  it was always dramaaa on the hair cut process. She had her hair cut every month, as her hair grows really fast! And finally, the last 2 hair cut was very smooth, she's seating in a car watching Barney. Yeaaayy!!! )

 1st jalan-jalan @ Gancit

It's her first official jalan-jalan @ mall. It was on the 2nd week of March, we chose weekdays so it won't be crowded. It was three of us : me, Kinay, and Ncus. We came there, had our lunch, while she was sleeping. Then we roaming around, visit one store to another, and in the middle of that baby daughter was poo-ing. It was errrrrrrrr liks tons of them, as she didn't poo for few days. Me can't barely stand to see them hahaha....
(It was only the beginning, as later when I was an SAHM (during August 2013 - March 2014), we went to the mall (either PIM or Gancit) like 3 - 4 times a week! And yes, she's happy spending time at the mall. Mini-me. Haha!)

1st baby spa @ Mom&Jo FX
It was on last week of March. The condition for baby spa is baby's weight must be at least 5kg. She reached 5kg on 2nd months.
At first she was feeling weird, didn't want to move her hands and feet, but after a while she started enjoying the activity and start to giggles.
We bought the 6 times voucher which cost us cheaper than the regular price. (which turns out only being used 3 times, so it was not cheaper after all!)

1st tengkurep!!
It was on first week of April, when she was just 2.5months old. She likes to do tummy time on her own but then she's troubling in turning back to lie down position.

to be continued..... (another 14 months to recap!!!!)

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