Monday, January 2, 2012

My wedding excitements

There are four things that make me super excited about the wedding: Kebaya(s), Honeymoon, Seserahan, and Treatment.
  • Kebaya(s)
When I say super-excited means I am willing to go here and there (either for real or browse here and there :D), to find the most "sreg" one. For Ceremony, I fell in love at the first time with Poppy Karim's kebaya sulam gim. But to make it objective, I was going to compare 3 vendors (read: find the cheaper). Unfortunately, Poppy Karim was the first designer I met, and I really didnt want to think anymore back then. So, Poppy Karim it is. For Akad, this was more "niat". I went to see several vendor/designer: Lace Butik, Yasra, Myrna Myura, and Resnha. Finally, my kebaya for akad will be made by: Poppy Karim. Hahaha! But, to be honest I was almost seal the deal with Resnha, but Mba Poppy gave me a really good deal, who can refuse? For the compensation for myself (as I was already very "sreg" with Resnha), I insisted my mom to make her kebaya akad there. At first she doubted it, but I ensured that his work are good, and lots of people make their kebaya in Resnha too. When she finally met Resnha, I think she was "sreg" too. So she decided to make another kebaya(s) for midodareni and siraman, there. And so did I. I made all my other kebaya(s) there, include my clothes for Pengajian, too :)
That's how excited I am about the kebaya(s). And later after all is over, I think I'm gonna miss these activities. Freak? Call me so :)
  • Honeymoon
Yeah, after contemplating finding the destination for honeymoon, with the bold note to self ANYWHERE BUT BALI, finally it's decided. BALI. Don't laugh! I guess the saying of "don't refuse too hard, at the end you'll be ended up by that thing" is somewhat true. But hell, I dont care. I chose Bali based on some thoughts too (of course!). First, I want to spend more than 5 days for honeymoon. Second, I dont want to travel a lot, or exploring places kind of stuff. Third, I want to stay in a nice place. Fourth, I dont want to get bored either. Based on those statements above, I guess Bali could cover all. And still on budget, of course. So the plan is to stay 8 days 7 nights there, and we're going to stay at 4 places: Tj Benoa/Nusa Dua (Royal Santrian), Ubud (Royal Pita Maha), Seminyak (Anantara), and Ungasan (Banyan Tree Ungasan), 2 nights each except for Ungasan only for 1 night. Why? Because it's quite far, and we're not going to go anywhere while we stay there. So only for the whole day in-villa, I guess 1 night is enough. The hotel is not fixed yet, though. Depends on the ability and availability of me browsing more hotels, and approval of the BF of course. Oh, and return ticket will be provided by my besties as our wedding gift (mudah-mudahan beneran jadi, aamiin).
  • Seserahan
I think no need to explain why I am excited about these stuffs. Who doesn't like to shop and free??
  • Treatment
I always like to be massaged and enjoying the ambiance of spa places. It feels so relaxing. I did my treatment at Martha Tilaar Pondok Indah, as recommended by few friends. Location is not far from home, no traffic, the place itself is nice, clean, and relaxing. But unfortunately time is the limitation. Since it took quite a long time (around 120-150mins), I could only do in weekends. But again, weekends are quite hectic too, with all of wedding preparation, and another activities too. So far, I only managed to have the full body treatment three times. Well, as for January I am planning to visit there once a week, hope it will be accomplished.


  1. Hello Ninta,
    Ahh, I would like to do treatment at Martha Tilaar too, but at Cikini.. Was it good? I heard that is the best place to do treatment for bride-to-be :)

    By the way, tentang honeymoon, aku bulan Februari Nintaa.. Iya Kupu-Kupu Barong juga bagus kok. Kalo Royal Pita Maha aku ga tahu hehe.. Soalnya dari awal emang pengen banget di Kupu-Kupu Barong. Soalnya kata sodaraku yang pernah kesana, baguss.. Hehe

    Good Luck!

  2. hai ninta..salam kenal yaa..
    liat di daisy pathnya beda sehari nih qta..semangkaaa!(^o^)

  3. Ninta... Sesa disinii.. hehehe.. izin follow blognya yaaa... :))

  4. Mba Ninta, kisaran harga jati di Popy karim berapakah?